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Extensive List of Rules:

  • Follow
  • Reblog
  • Comment with your FR username and ID

Other Information:

Winner will be chosen at random. I will throw items at other random people too. So technically more than one person has a chance to win something! This ends sometime next week. You’ll know because I’ll make a new post about it. Have fun!!!


Ugh, cute ass boy I drew for a friend on Gaia.

Go follow my art blog.
I won’t bombard you with penis anymore.

I said I’d do a scroll giveaway when I hit 50 followers. Which I did tonight. So first off; go me! Second off, giiiiiveaway time!
So here’s how it works:
I will buy the winner whatever treasure scroll they want
You do not have to be following me
BUT as this is a followers giveaway if you are following me I will buy you a gem scroll instead if you want.*
reblog ONCE with your FR username and number
likes count as a second entry
you can get a third entry by telling me what scroll and showing me the dragon you’re going to use them on
Must have your ask box open as I will be contacting you over tumblr and not FR
The giveaway will end Nov 29th, my birthday, so you have plenty of time to catch this thing
*I buy a certain number of gems every pay cycle (gift to myself) and if I’ve already spent that cycle’s gems you’ll have to wait till the next pay cycle but rest assured you will get your scroll.

Whoa, son. This is awesome! 
Yasha #38125
My starter dragon needs some love. I’d like to get him a shimmer scroll one day/ :]

Art trade with Siriuslysam! I hope you don’t mind that I picked humanizing your pony Sweet Bread out of the requests—I just took one look at her hair and knew that she would be super fun for this sort of picture. O:
I hope you like it. :)
Colours sampled from here.

First art trade in a while and of the lovely sweet bread.
Thank you. :)