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Be still my heart


I had never seen someone so gorgeous, so stunning that I literally fell all over myself trying to simply KNOW them and be a part of their life…. until I saw Lili. I hope they know how special they are, and that I will be able to tell them every day how truly lovely it is to simply know them. Maybe…



Extensive List of Rules:

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  • Reblog
  • Comment with your FR username and ID

Other Information:

Winner will be chosen at random. I will throw items at other random people too. So technically more than one person has a chance to win something! This ends sometime next week. You’ll know because I’ll make a new post about it. Have fun!!!


Ugh, cute ass boy I drew for a friend on Gaia.

Go follow my art blog.
I won’t bombard you with penis anymore.

Art trade with Siriuslysam! I hope you don’t mind that I picked humanizing your pony Sweet Bread out of the requests—I just took one look at her hair and knew that she would be super fun for this sort of picture. O:
I hope you like it. :)
Colours sampled from here.

First art trade in a while and of the lovely sweet bread.
Thank you. :)